Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Google +

First I got a headache trying to figure out Facebook.  How do I create more friends???
Then it was blogging.  As you can see by past blogging post that didn't last to long.  As for Linkedin  I seem to lack in networking skills.
Now I  Twitter.  Everyday I try to post something and read what is going on in my "Twitter world".
If that isn't enough I have to learn google+.  The jury is still out on it but we have to be on the cutting edge so hey I have an account.  No one else that I know, nor the companies that I deal with, do.  But we do!  I must say it is pretty lonely there.
Doing a review of our SEO status with the boss I hear heavy sighs.  Knowing that my feelings are hurt easily with criticism he has to come up with a way to say that things suck in our social media department.
Besides having sensitive feelings I hate giving up a task I was told to do (stop laughing kids and be quiet)so  I ask for another few months to see if I can do better.  
Hence this post.  It doesn't include any information about the product we sell, or an update of store activities, but it allowed me to vent and start thinking of a game plan.