Saturday, 26 February 2011

Getting Ready For The Boat Show

The Ottawa Boat Show is, for us at Georges, a strong indicator of how the boat season is going to unfold.  With manufacturers no longer playing the supply and demand game but instead the demand & supply one, consumers come to the show because they want to be guaranteed their boat's arrival for the long weekend of May or early June.  Because of the importance of this show much consideration is given to the size of booth and the display that will showcase the boats brought to the show.
This year we decided to leave the main building so we could have an area that would let us showcase Regal Boats properly.  So we are in the Coliseum building which caused sleepless nights worrying if this was the right move or not.  The following is a pictorial on how the move to the show works.

This gives you an idea of how many boats are involved and the number of trips we make from our Ottawa location to the show location.  Before this shot is even taken there are trips done prior weeks to get all the boats at one location.  Every trip from Eganville to Ottawa meant 
travelling with a boat behind you.

Shrinkwrapping the boats mean that cleaning a boat at the show involves less time. Walking onto the showroom floor is sometimes intimidating for the first time staff member.  Without our seasoned pros the move into the show and the building of the display could not go as well as it does.

The following pictures shows that measuring off by steps is still an accurate way of working.  Really?

Unlike children the boats stay in one spot until the are positioned into the display area.

We bring in extra people to work the booth from Thursday to Sunday.  Some sale some control the flow of people on the cruisers.  All show up from Monday to Thursday to help build, clean and organize George's Marine & Sports display.  (Yes a shout out to Western University and St. FX students.)

Thursday was the regular type of day for a boat show.  I am awaiting Fridays update.  Not hearing is usually a good sign.  Today it is cold and sunny outside and a nice day to for people to get out and go to the show.  I will post tomorrow on how the boat show is going.

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