Saturday, 12 March 2011

What every business needs... Peer Support

As a business we commit to a group called 20 Group. Every 4 months 20 marine dealers get together to discuss challenges and successes as a marine dealer. This group is facilitated by a group called Spader Business Group. I am not an advertisement blog but I believe this is an important commitment that some of us as marine dealers make to our business and to the customer.
"Several times a year we network with non-competing peers from across Canada and the US under the guidance of a Spader Business Management group consultant". One interesting part of this group is the peer review done on the business whose location we are visiting that trip. A group of like minded owners give an honest and helpful critique of the business being visited. This allows you, as the business being reviewed, to take the critique and make changes that will allow your business to stay or to get on top of your game. A successful business means you are offering and delivering to the customer product and services that they want and in a way that they want.

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