Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Bonnechere Cup Races 2014

It is amazing the Bonnechere Races have been going for 40 years. Speaking quickly to George Wilcox, he was saying that they use to race on the river and then at the Legion Field before the track was built where it is today. 
I think it is safe to say that the sponsorship of Toromont, Benson and Miwel was critical in keeping the races going. After taking the afternoon to go through "Reflections of a Century" printed by the Eganville Leader I found an article about the re-opening of the Sno-Drifters Club after a suspicious fire destroyed much of the club . I found this article below, notice Merv Boldt is in this picture. You will find him still involved in the races today.

Since the Ottawa Boat Show is on the same weekend of the Bonnechere Cup Races, you will not see us there working like we use too.  We still contribute with support vehicles i.e. two 4 wheelers and 1 side by side (of course Can-Am).  Along with Ski-Doo we help with the printing of the parking passes.  
It is definitely hard work putting on the races but very satisfying come Saturday at 6 pm.  

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